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 Walking to the river








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Central Great Lakes sector loop




Best Fishing and Hunting Times: Link


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Fishing Forums 

Link to Local Radar Data

Northern Indiana 







Indiana Road

 Temperatures &




Link to Local Radar Data

Central Indiana 


Central Indiana


County Travel Status


Indiana Bait Shops

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Link to Local Radar Data




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Indiana Boat Registration and









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Indiana Bass Fishing Forums





For those of you that like to watch wildlife, the below links


 take you to live "Streaming" websites that show live images


 from their cameras.


 Some are better than others, some are seasonal, so take your pick or just look around.




The Indiana

 Feeder Cam



The Predator


The Underwater

 Fish Cam

Watch the

 Deer Cams

Live Georgia

 Deer Cams

The Trail


Live Deer Cams




















 Important Links for Hoosier anglers and boaters



Indiana Bait Shops


Above link takes you to BaitNet








Google Fishing Directory  


GORP - Fishing Guide


How to Clean a Fish 


How to Tie Fishing Knots  


Boating in









 for 2013-2014




Indiana Sport Fish Identification 

Indiana Fish Identification(Purdue)


Offical Indiana Safe Boater Education Course


Buy your Fishing License On-Line



Indiana Boat Registration and






Indiana Public FishingSites

Indiana Record Fish Program 

Indiana State Fish Hatcheries

Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs

Indiana Outdoor News - Indiana-based magazine 

Whitewater Memorial State Park      Wild Bulletin



**All Outdoors by "Bayou Bill" Scifres- Bayou Bill's column formerly

 appeared in the local newspaper

**Brookville Lake

**Indiana DNR - Fish and Wildlife Page

**Fish for your Health - Fish Consumption Information (by County)

**Fish Indiana - for fishing information on Indiana, Lake Michigan waters and tributaries.

 **Indiana Lakes by Boating America 





   The Indiana Fishing Club

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